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Dungeon Alchemist is OUT NOW!

Today's the big day: we pressed the big red button and launched Dungeon Alchemist! Dungeon Alchemist is now available on Steam for €37.99 / $45.

We decided to launch Dungeon Alchemist in Early Access on Steam. Early Access is a system provided by Steam that allows you to release an app to the public that is not yet feature-complete. The goal is to get the app into the hands of your users as quickly as possible, and improve and finalize the app based on the feedback of these users.

We haven't implemented all the stretch goals from our crowdfunding campaign yet, but we felt like the app was feature-complete enough to give everyone access now. We will be adding the remaining stretch goals over time, and they will of course be free for all users of the app.

Besides that, we will also be working on new features, optimizations and AI improvements that will be made available for free as well. We've got a LOT of cool stuff lined up! Check out our roadmap for more info.

Where do I go to report issues?

Reporting bugs

If you encounter bugs, please submit them using the Feedback menu option. This will upload the bug report along with your map and a screenshot of the issue, so that we can easily identify what's going on and fix it in a further release. Alternatively, you can let us know in the #support channel on our Discord server.

Giving feedback

We value your input! If you want to give us feedback, please head on over to our Discord server and let us know in the #suggestions channel.

Alternatively, you can go on the Steam forums and post your feedback there. We'll be reading!

Problems downloading/starting Dungeon Alchemist

If Dungeon Alchemist is crashing when it starts, please send an email to with as much info as you have on the system you're trying to run it on (operating system, CPU, graphics card, ...).

Let's make Dungeon Alchemist take off!

If you enjoy using Dungeon Alchemist, you can support us by leaving a review on Steam. This helps greatly with getting exposure on the Steam platform, which will allow us to keep improving Dungeon Alchemist in the future!

Thank you!

Just over a year ago, the Kickstarter of our little hobby project ended with a staggering €2.4 million raised. We were taken completely aback by this outpour of support for our project, and it took us a while to reorganize our lives so we could work fulltime on Dungeon Alchemist.

After half a year, we launched the beta to all Adventurer backers. Your support has been incredible, and we really enjoyed developing Dungeon Alchemist along such a thriving, friendly and supportive community.

Now, one year later, we are ready to leave our private beta and release Dungeon Alchemist to all our backers and the general public. What a journey it has been!

We want to thank you for your unwavering support. Without you believing in us from the start, this never would've been possible. But it's far from over. We plan to make Dungeon Alchemist into the one mapmaking tool you'll ever need, and we aim to improve this app for years to come.

We're really happy to finally welcome ALL our backers to the community. Together, we can make something truly special!

Yours in cartomancy,

Karel & Wim

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OMDL this tool is fantastic! Have been using it for months from the KS campaign. So you have a 48 year-old dad that loves it, along with a seven-year daughter that does now too.

I looked over your short and long-term Dev plans, and some LOW HANGING FRUIT, I think you can address quickly and easily would probably bring even more paying customers.

FIX THE WATER. The AI is dropping in way too many deep chasms whenever any type of body of water is selected. Basically everything looks like ravines since the last water update.


Arctic (snowy tundra), Coastal (beach sand-meeting-water tiles), Desert (sand dune patterns), Swamp, Jungle, Hellscape (the floor is lava), and…



Holy crap, team! This is waaaay better than I imagined. I KS'd you, but I didn't pay a lot of attention to the updates and just waited until release day. We're here and I'm so pleased with the progress! I'm also thrilled that you're sharing the roadmap - I'm anxious for video export capability, perhaps implemented through object export to keep the file size small and have some options when in your target VTT?!? Anyway, very exciting and phenomenal job. I'm sorry to say that I'm torn between telling everyone about this and keeping this nugget to myself to impress my players.

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