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Dev update #8: roadmap to release and release date

Hey everyone! We apologize for the radio silence over the last two months. We have taken a holiday break (our first break since the Kickstarter!) so there wasn't as much to report as usual. But rest assured: we've been busy since, and we have a lot of good news for you.

Release Date

Last update, we announced that we would be postponing the release to Q1 of this year. Today, we're happy to announce that we'll hit that target, and that we'll be releasing in March 2022. We'll announce the exact date later, but assume for now that it'll be near the end of March.

The Great Wall Patch

Before our holiday break, we released our largest update to date: the Great Wall Patch. One of the most common complaints about the app amongst our beta testers was that walls are always the same type on both sides. So if you wanted two rooms with different walls next to each other, one room would have two wall types, like this:

In this update, we completely reworked the wall system to allow for double-sided walls. Additionally, we added a brush that allows you to change the walls in an entire room at once. And finally, we also added support for adding and deleting of walls at will, even within a room. This allows you to make a small alcove in a room, or make a wide open map with no walls at all.

This video demonstrates the new features:

Roadmap to Release

With only 2 months left until our release, we still have 3 more patches lined up:

Patch 1:

  • Villages & Farms theme

  • Fully customizable lighting settings

  • Improvement of loading times and adding a progress bar to the room generation

  • Lots of small quality of life improvements

  • TONS of new content

Patch 2:

  • Forest/outdoors environment

  • Rivers and lakes

  • The ability to pick outdoors as your background theme instead of the default dark parchment background

Patch 3:

  • Kickstarter reward tiers: customizable flag and exclusive objects for Dungeon Master or higher backers and triptych for €1000 backers

Our release won't contain all stretch goals promised in the Kickstarter yet. Those missing will be added after release as quickly as possible (for free of course).

The Last Steps

We're looking forward to releasing the app to all our backers in 2 months! But until then, we're going to work as hard as possible to make this app as feature-complete as possible. We'll post one more update with our progress and the final release date before that.

In the meantime, you can help us a lot by adding Dungeon Alchemist to your wishlist on Steam. This will increase the attention Steam gives us when we release the app in March. And a successful app release means more updates and content in the future!

If you want to join the release hype and want to be kept up to date on development on a weekly basis, you can still join our Discord community We already have 21k people on our server and it's a really fun bunch to hang out with :).

Finally, you can also follow us on Twitter for even more updates, screenshots and video's.

See you at the next update!

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