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Welcome to the "Magic" Update!

Hello everyone! Long time no see! This update has taken longer than usual, but with good reason: we've listened to your requests and have finally taken the plunge to implement curved/diagonal walls and raised/rotated rooms!

This is by far the biggest update in Dungeon Alchemist yet and required a considerable part of our codebase to be rewritten. This also means that Dungeon Alchemist might be a bit less stable in the coming weeks. We'll be working hard at addressing any issues that pop up, but it is expected that more crashes and bugs will occur than usual after an update. Please bear with us as we take care of them.

But we absolutely believe the end result is worth it: you can make your maps so much more organic, dynamic and varied with these new features! We've also added a new biome, lots of new assets and a ton of new features for you to enjoy. Check it out in the trailer below!

Let's go over the major changes in this update.

Curved/diagonal Walls

The showstopper here is, of course, the curved walls. You can now change the shape of a room you're drawing by dragging the little circles to create convex, concave or diagonal shapes. It's intuitive, powerful, fast and fun!

Wizards really love curves.

Raised/rotated Rooms

We also added the feature to rotate/raise rooms, allowing you to make little hamlets built on a mountainside or a layered castle with different height levels.

This does not mean you can make multi-level buildings just yet, though! The rooms still have to be placed separately on the horizontal plane, but adding the raised/rotated room feature was a necessary preparation step for implementing multi-level buildings. More on this later.

Finally. A real castle!

Improved Object Brushes

We have upgraded the options for object brushes, allowing you to draw grids, lines and circles easily. We even unlocked advanced settings so you can fine-tune the behavior to the smallest detail. 

 New Fey Biome

The new fey biome sports some really exotic plant species and will definitely spice up your campaign. Explore the mushroom forest, the crystal plane or the fey jungle... but don't get lost!


600+ Assets

As usual, we've added several new room themes, including the Skeletal Throne Room, Village Cathedral, Potion Class, Extradimensional Room and Witch's Hut.

We've also added 600+ new assets including a few really funky ones that will surprise and delight your players. Confront them with the Wandering Hut, Flesh Chest, Eyed Abomination, Aetherial Loom or Death's Door, and see how they react!

There's also this... thing.

New Tokens!

We've partnered with Bite The Bullet to bring new tokens to Dungeon Alchemist! This update features a pack of 23 magic-themed tokens, including this super-friendly Lord of Bones.

Skeletons have feelings too.

Free Demo Version

If one of your friends is still on the fence about Dungeon Alchemist, let them try out our demo! It's available on Steam right now, and features the Tavern theme alongside all objects contained within the tavern.

Other Improvements

  • Automatically add buttons to enable/disable animations and lights on models downloaded from the Steam Workshop.

  • Added "Remove Water" brush to the terrain brushes.

  • Added undo/redo support when drawing new rooms.

  • Added optional autosave option (enable it in the Settings menu).

  • Added green screen background option for those streamers with exotic setups (looking at you Mac).

  • Added a calendar to the Cartomancer Chronicles to highlight upcoming community events and streams.

  • Added icon to indicate whether an object was downloaded from the Steam Workshop or not.

  • Added a "no borders" option to the export.

  • Considerably sped up the application for users who have uploaded or downloaded a lot of assets from the Steam Workshop.

What's Next?

Multi-level buildings, that's what's next! With all prerequisites in place, we're finally ready to take Dungeon Alchemist to the next level and allow you to place one room on top of an existing one. Something to look forward to in our next update: "Fun With Objects"!

In the meantime, we're looking forward to seeing all the crazy stuff you'll be building with the new room features! Enjoy!

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1 Comment

Luis René
Luis René
Jun 20

Excellent, thanks you all, much appreciated

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