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Dev update #10: outside environments, final release date and pricing

Hey everyone! As promised in our last update and on our roadmap, we had one more big feature update left before release, and it's just gone live on Steam for all beta testers! This is probably the biggest and most impactful patch to date, so strap in!

Forests and Grasslands

We finally added full support for outside environments to Dungeon Alchemist. When you create a map, you can now choose from three terrain types: Forest, Grasslands or Dark Parchment. When you pick Forest or Grasslands, a whole new world opens up:

  • Choose an elevation type such as mountains, hills, canyon, …

  • Pick a vegetation type such as broadleaf forest, evergreen forest, steppe, …

  • Select a water feature such as river, lake, island, …

Once you've created your map, you can freely manipulate the terrain by raising or lowering it, by drawing paths and rivers, and you can even add objects to the terrain! And of course, all the room tools you know and love still work in terrain maps.

Here's a video of a map made with the new terrain features:

We'll be adding more terrain types in the future, but for now, Forest and Grasslands already offer a wealth of options for your new maps. Enjoy!

Final release date!

We're finally ready to announce the release date of Dungeon Alchemist! Dungeon Alchemist will be released to the public and to Cartographer pledgers on March 31st, 16:00 CET (10:00 EST, 7:00 PST).

We will be launching into Early Access on Steam instead of a full release, since we haven't added all the stretch goals yet. Over the course of 2022, we'll be adding the remaining stretch goals and promised content.

The final pricing for Dungeon Alchemist will be $44.99, or €37.99. We kept the price as low as possible to keep Dungeon Alchemist accessible for everyone. Everyone who buys the app on Steam will also receive all the stretch goals and rewards included in the Kickstarter campaign (except for the Dungeon Master and higher tier rewards). We believe that this approach is the fairest for everyone: people who came in early had a considerable discount, and new users get access to all the content we've produced so far.

Release party

We will be throwing a small release party on the FACTS Spring event in Belgium on April 2/3. We'll be doing giveaways and you'll be able to meet us and talk to us. If you're in the area, feel free to visit and say hi! It'll be fun!

What's next?

With the final feature patch out of the way, we'll be focusing the rest of our beta on improving what is already there. We'll be going over the AI again, we'll be improving performance, we'll be fixing bugs and we'll be adding the Kickstarter-exclusive content for Dungeon Master and Grandmaster backers. We want the release to go smoothly, so in March we'll focus on polishing our app.

We want to continue supporting and adding content to Dungeon Alchemist for years and years, but to be able to do that, we need a successful launch. And you can help with that!

There are several things you can do to help us launch successfully:

  • Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, …

  • Wishlist the game on Steam, and also tell your friends to do so.

  • Contact your favourite YouTubers or Twitch streamers and tell them about Dungeon Alchemist. Streams and videos of popular influencers can help A LOT at launch.

Our next patch will probably happen around release time. Until then, enjoy building forest camps, magical meadows, mountain retreats, river towns and other cool stuff! We're almost there!

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2 opmerkingen

Karel Crombecq
Karel Crombecq
21 mrt. 2022

No. You did pay €15 extra for access to the beta. That was the entire concept of the Adventurer tier. So you have to compare the €30 price against the ~€38 price on Steam.


Amber Fritze
Amber Fritze
20 mrt. 2022

I do not believe I got a considerable discount. I spent €45.00 on the Adventurers tier??? Now it is less than that and I have no extra kickstarter benefits accept the beta (which don't get me wrong I have enjoyed) but still. Am I missing something?

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