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The Fata Morgana Update is live!

Hey everyone!

Our next update has just gone live on Steam! If your next campaign takes place in the desolate wastelands of the desert, the harsh beauty of the badlands or in a bustling oasis outpost, you're in luck, because we just released 2 new terrain types, 423 new objects and 10 AI categories that will suit your setting perfectly!

But that's not all. As usual, we have also added a bunch of new features and quality-of-life improvements to Dungeon Alchemist. Let's go over them now!

Steam Workshop

We added support for Steam Workshop to the app. Share your lovingly crafted maps with the whole world, and download the best work of other people to use in your campaigns! We have integrated the workshop completely in Dungeon Alchemist, allowing you to browse, publish and rate maps from within the app.

Pulling together a campaign or quickly finding an awesome map when your party wanders off *again* has never been easier!

Token Menu

We have added a Token Menu! You can now place tokens on your map and move them around. You get 15 free tokens courtesy of Hero Forge, and 5 more if you create a Hero Forge account and link it with Dungeon Alchemist (this is also free!). Once you link your account to Dungeon Alchemist, you can also import your Hero Forge 3D digital miniatures straight into Dungeon Alchemist! It only takes a few seconds to set up, and you're good to go!

The caravan has an unfortunate encounter with a band of Gnolls

Cinematic Mode/First Person View

We have added two new ways to explore your maps and share them with the world.

The first one is Cinematic Mode - just click the camera icon in the top right to activate it! Cinematic Mode allows you to fly around the map freely and take screenshots or record videos. This is a great and convenient way to make close-up images of your maps to show to your players during play, to give them a better idea of their environment.

Additionally, you can dive into any token's point of view by clicking on the eye icon when you select it. This allows you to walk around the map as if you're in a first person shooter! Interact with objects such as doors and lights by clicking on them, and experience the art of Dungeon Alchemist as you've never seen it before!

A first-person look at the Radiant Bazaar

Recolor Objects

Good ol' regular colours a bit too plain for you? Recolour hundreds of objects to create the look you want.

Quality-of-life Improvements

We've added a lot of other stuff as well:

  • Tons of object brushes that allow you to quickly paint pillows, candles, ruins, ...

  • A hexagonal grid setting

  • A strength slider for terrain brushes, so you can raise/lower/paint terrain faster

  • A favourites system that allows you to record your favourite objects for reference later

  • AI configuration options - you can now choose which parts of the room you want to have the AI generate

  • A "Hide all UI"-button in the View menu, for when you want to have a fully immersive experience

  • Get the name of an object by clicking on it and hovering over the Copy icon

What's next?

Phew, that was a lot! But of course, we're not done yet. Check out the News menu in the app (accessible from the top menu Help > News) to read all the other changes and bugfixes.

As for our next update - we'll be giving the AI a long-overdue overhaul, and of course we'll be adding more objects and stretch goals. If you want to be kept up to date on what's coming, join our Discord for weekly updates!

Yours in cartomancy,

The Dungeon Alchemist Team

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Hi Alchemists,

I am really impressed and in awe with what this update has brought! I like your stuff sooo much! The quality of the objects is excellent, as you could already see in the previous versions, but now with first person view it is even more pronounced how detailed everything is! The general style of things appeals to me, and the tons of objects added every update is really encouraging, making it more and more possible to have a lot of variation in the maps produced. Steam Workshop integration is really a treat! It is so nice to tap into what others created!

Keep the good work on! I just love what you produce!

First person view and token…

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