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The Abandoned Ruins Update is live!

Hey everyone!

It's been 2 months since release, and we just launched our first free update for everyone on Steam! This update contains 462 new objects and a buttload of new features, as well as a jungle theme! You can find a full list of the changes in the News page in the app after updating, but in this post we'll highlight some of the coolest new things.

For starters, here's a trailer video:

Jungle Theme

We already had forest and grasslands, but now we have added a third theme: jungle. Explore an ancient temple deep in the jungle, or discover an abandoned, overgrown town on the outskirts of civilization. Time to bring out your inner Indiana Jones!

Object Brushes

A much requested feature, you can now paint families of objects on the terrain, allowing you to place down a forest in a matter of seconds. Alternatively, you could place down hundreds of pots and confuse the hell out of your players.

Stackable platforms with line-of-sight on export

We added a bunch of stackable objects that allow you to get creative and build vertical structures. You can stack them, add lights to them, put stuff on them and they even export to your VTT with correct line-of-sight!

Round and stackable platforms!

Automatically exported line-of-sight for columns and round platforms

Free object placement and light customization

You can now turn off collisions for objects, so you can place them freely wherever you want: in the walls, in trees, even in each other! And you can highlight your Frankenstein creation with haunting, weirdly colored lights. Time to get freaky!

Change terrain on the fly and place rooms on mountaintops

When you create a new map, you can now choose at which height you want your rooms to spawn, so you can now create an abandoned hovel on top of a mountain range. And if you're unhappy with the surroundings, just go to the terrain menu and generate another terrain on the fly! You can even expand the map now by dragging the corners of the map.

Feature/theme/object suggestions on Upvoty

We try to listen to the community as much as possible to gauge what your needs are and what things you are most looking forward to. To organize and structure community suggestions, we released an Upvoty board where people can vote for their most needed features and themes. We also moved our roadmap to Upvoty, so you can see what we're working on and what's coming up next.

Feel free to post your ideas for Dungeon Alchemist. We'll definitely be reading them!

What's next?

We'll continue working on the remaining stretch goals over the coming months. You can expect tons of new content and features soon! And just like this update, they'll be released for free to owners of Dungeon Alchemist.

In the meantime: if you like what we're doing, please tell your friends about Dungeon Alchemist and share your maps on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, … We love to see your creations!

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Michael Allen
Michael Allen
Jun 13, 2022

Great update! Really enjoying the new ruins...


Carl French
Carl French
Jun 01, 2022

Love this update. Added some wonderful pieces to the program. Keep up the good work

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