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Release follow-up, first post-release patch

Hi everyone! Welcome to all new users of Dungeon Alchemist, and welcome back to our beta testers. It's been a month since release, so time for an update on the state of Dungeon Alchemist!

Release Update

Our release went great! We are currently rated "Very Positive" on Steam and we are seeing a ton of user-created content pop up on Twitter, YouTube and other channels. We even hit the top 5 of best selling apps on Steam for a few hours. It's so great to see people enjoying the thing we worked on so hard for over a year!

For the last couple of weeks, we prioritized answering support questions from our users and fixing a number of issues (mostly with Mac and Linux versions). With these out of the way, we're now back full-force on feature and content development.

"Abandoned Ruins" is the next big content update to look forward to, and we have a lot of other cool stuff in the pipeline as well. In the meantime, you can really help us by leaving a review on Steam if you like the app.

Staying Up To Date

With our Kickstarter and Gamefound campaigns finished and the app released as Early Access on Steam, we are entering a new phase of development. We will no longer be communicating through Kickstarter and Gamefound, since we won't be reaching all of our users that way. Instead, the news page in the app itself will be the main source of communication with the community. We will also be posting these updates on our Steam Page, our Discord server and of course here.

Mac Performance Issues

Some people contacted us regarding performance issues on Mac. This patch will greatly improve performance on your system, but if you are still struggling with running Dungeon Alchemist on your Mac, please follow these instructions:

- Lower the resolution to about 2/3 of the maximum using the File > Settings menu.

- Set the Graphics Quality to Medium in the same menu.

These changes, combined with the improved performance in this patch, should make Dungeon Alchemist run smoothly on most Macs from 2017 or newer.

Patch Notes

- Improve performance on all devices by 20% or more.

- Improve performance on Macs even further.

- Fixed saving/exporting on Linux systems: the files are now saved with the correct extension.

- If you have a very low resolution and your UI scale is high, you could get stuck because the Settings window and File buttons are not clickable anymore. This is fixed now, and you should be able to always change the resolution again.

- Changed this news page to work on smaller resolutions.

- Fixed issue with people getting stuck halfway the tutorial.

We're looking forward to sharing new content with you soon. If you're curious what's coming up next, you should join our Discord server and check out the official-content channel. We regularly post sneak previews of new content and features there.

In the meantime, enjoy Dungeon Alchemist!

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