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Dev update #6: commercial license poll, UI updates, guest house video

Hey everyone! It's only 3 more weeks until the beta starts, so this will be our last update before then. We we have some cool new stuff to show, and we also have a request for those who would like to use Dungeon Alchemist commercially.

Commercial usage poll

We are trying to figure out how to organize our commercial license so that everyone benefits from it, but we don't have enough information on how people intend to use Dungeon Alchemist commercially, and who those people are.

That's why we created an anonymous poll to get some more info from you. If you plan to use Dungeon Alchemist commercially, please fill out this anonymous form! We'll use this information to make sure the commercial license fits your circumstances.

New Object UI

As we were adding more and more objects to Dungeon Alchemist (we're well over 500 now!), we realized the text-based interface we had for selecting objects just didn't cut it anymore. Even we had trouble finding the objects we were looking for.

That's why we redesigned the object UI from scratch. It now sorts all objects by category and subcategory. Here's a video of the interface in action:

It's a breeze now to scroll through all the objects and pick the one you fancy. Fun fun!

Guest house video

To whet your appetite for the beta, we have made a new video of us designing a guest house. It showcases the "reroll" functionality that allows you to regenerate a room if you want something different:

What's next?

As said, this will be the last update before the beta launches. There's a lot of cool stuff we haven't shown yet, but if you pledged Adventurer or higher, you'll be able to experience it yourself soon enough! Otherwise, there'll be more updates coming after the beta with more info.

And as always, feel free to join our Discord community for more updates and content!

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