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Dev update #11: the home stretch and the last patch (before release)

Hey everyone! It's only 6 days until our release on Steam and we promised you a final patch before release, so here it is! This patch ties up some loose ends that have been laying around for a while, so that we're in optimal shape for launch.

Patch Changes

We finally got around to implementing a few things you have been asking for for a long time:

  • We added a long-awaited settings menu to Dungeon Alchemist, with options to configure the grid, change the UI scale, change your keyboard layout (so you can navigate the map with WASD or ZQSD), …

  • We improved the performance of large terrain maps when manipulating them. It should now be just as fast to raise or lower terrain on large maps as it is on small ones.

  • The AI lighting has been improved, so that it spawns less lights overall and less different types of light in one room. We also added new objects to the AI and improved the AI generation of several rooms.

  • We added switches to all the lights, so now you can finally turn all of them off.

  • On Windows, you can double-click a .dam file to open it with Dungeon Alchemist.

  • You can now customize a painting with your own image. Fun!

  • You can place wells, grates, hatches etc. on terrain now.

Additionally, we also implemented the higher-tier rewards: we added the Triptych for the Grandmaster of the Cartomancer's Guild backers and we added credits (under Help -> Credits) for the Scribes. To unlock the Kickstarter-exclusive objects (and customizable flag), you'll receive a mail with a special unlock key on release day.

Release Day

We're still on schedule to release on the 31st of March, 16:00 CET (10:00 EST, 7:00 PST). Here's some things you need to know:

  • If you backed the Cartographer tier, you'll receive a Steam key in your email right after release. You'll be able to unlock Dungeon Alchemist on Steam with this key and start playing. Of course, you won't need to pay again on Steam to gain access.

  • If you backed the Adventurer or higher tiers, your current installation will continue working. There's nothing you need to do to transition from beta to release.

  • Dungeon Master or higher tiers will receive an additional unlock key to get their rewards by email.

The Home Stretch

We're almost there! When we post our next update, Dungeon Alchemist will be out. But there are still a few things you can do to help make our launch as successful as possible:

  • Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, …

  • Wishlist the game on Steam, and also tell your friends to do so.

  • Contact your favourite YouTubers or Twitch streamers and tell them about Dungeon Alchemist. Streams and videos of popular influencers can help A LOT at launch. Or: maybe make a video yourself! Even it fails spectacularly, it'll still be great fun to watch.

The more successful our launch, the more we’ll be able to build you the application you’re wishing for. We are also building serious release hype on our Discord, so come count down with us!

See you after release!

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