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Job Openings

Senior Unity Developer

Briganti, the studio behind Dungeon Alchemist, is looking for a full time Unity Developer to reinforce their team.

Key Responsibilities

You will be working on Dungeon Alchemist, our fantasy mapmaking tool that raised €2.6 million on Kickstarter in 2021. Our mission is to revolutionize how game masters create maps for their tabletop RPGs with the use of procedural generation. Dungeon Alchemist has been in Early Access on Steam with overwhelmingly positive reviews for over a year now, and we are now working towards the 1.0 release.


We are a fully remote team based in Europe. You will be embedding yourself in a large, complex software project that has been in development for 2+ years, and you will be working independently on new features.

Because we are a small team, we’re looking for someone who can find their own way in an existing codebase. There will be an initial onboarding, after which we will be coordinating through once-daily meetings. We’re looking for someone who is willing to figure things out on their own and take ownership of the features they will be working on. We designed Dungeon Alchemist to be easy and fun to use. We expect you to be able to implement user-friendly, juicy features that are powerful but intuitive to learn.


• You must have shipped a game or app with Unity to be applicable for this job.

• To allow for easy communication, we require that you live in (or close to) a European timezone.

Excellent general programming skills, not limited to C#. You may work on plugins and external integrations, so experience with C++, JavaScript/TypeScript and Python is a big plus.

• A deep understanding of the Unity engine, including the built-in rendering pipeline, shaders, physics systems, Unity UI and native plugins.

• Experience with procedural generation. Having worked on any of the following is a big plus: WFC, pathfinding, procedural noise, procedural terrain, procedural mesh generation.

• You are able to enter a complex software project with a large codebase and learn how it is structured and how it works.

• Good (online) communication skills: the ability to clearly and efficiently communicate issues, challenges, progress and roadblocks via video chat.

• You are self-motivated and require little direction to do your best work.


• A fully remote job with very flexible hours: work when you want, where you want.

• A healthy work-life balance with no crunch.

• A competitive salary.

• The possibility to work on a popular, live title with an extremely dedicated and friendly community.

• High personal autonomy and a lot of freedom on how to approach your work. 



Please apply to with your resume. 

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