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Importing Dungeon Alchemist Maps to Roll20

This guide will explain how to import your Dungeon Alchemist map in Roll20. 


Unfortunately, Roll20 only allows scripts when you have a pro subscription, so you need one to be able to import the map. There is nothing we can do about that.

1. Add the Dungeon Alchemist script to your campaign

First, add the import script to your campaign:

  • Go to your Roll20 campaign

  • Go to Settings, API Scripts

  • Look for "Dungeon Alchemist Importer" in the script library

  • Press Add Script

NOTE: this only works if you have a pro subscription! Otherwise you won't be able to find the API Scripts section.

2. Export from Dungeon Alchemist

Make sure you export with the right format.
This will give you a .jpg and a .txt file.

3. Create new empty page in Roll20
new map.png
import image.jpeg
4. Add the map image to the page

Now select the Map Layer first. Then drag the .jpg map file to the page to import it. No need to position or scale it now - the script will do this automatically.

Make sure that the image is on the Map Layer and NOT on any other one. The script will only look for map images in the correct layer!

If you get any popups about changing the size of the page, just click "Adjust Page Size".

5. Copy & paste the .txt content into the chat window

To import the line-of-sight info and position the map correctly, you now need to open the .txt file for your map and copy all the contents. Then paste it into the chat window of Roll20.

If everything worked correctly, you'll see a confirmation that the import was successful in the chat log. If you go to the Dynamic Lighting layer, you should see the walls and lights.

If something went wrong or nothing happened, check your chat log. It might contain useful feedback on what went wrong.

IMPORTANT: to see the lighting in action, you need to enable Dynamic Lighting in the page settings. More info here.



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