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Importing Dungeon Alchemist Maps to Foundry


This guide will explain how to import your Dungeon Alchemist map in Foundry.

WARNING: because there were issues with the original Foundry export, which included the image data into the .json file, we have been required to change the import method temporarily.

Please follow the instructions below carefully.

1. Export from Dungeon Alchemist

Make sure you export with the right format.
This will give you a .json file.

create scene.png
2. Create a new scene in Foundry.

Before you can import the map, you need to create a new empty scene in Foundry.

3. Right click & import data

Now right-click on your freshly made scene, and select "import data". Navigate to your .json file, and select it.

Your walls and lighting will be imported immediately.

4. Right click & configure

Now right-click on the same scene, and select "configure". Click on the file browse icon next to "Background Image", click on "choose file" and navigate to the .jpg or .mp4 file of the map.

Click "Select File" and "Save Changes". This will update the background image and should align the image with the imported walls and lighting.

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