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Importing Dungeon Alchemist Maps
to Fantasy Grounds Unity

This guide will explain how to import your Dungeon Alchemist map in Fantasy Grounds Unity.

1. Export from Dungeon Alchemist

Make sure you export with the right format. This will give you a .jpg image and a .xml file with the same name.

2. Find images folder for your campaign

Fantasy Grounds Unity automatically scans its images assets folder for .xml files that contain line-of-sight info. So you need to copy BOTH .jpg and .xml files to the assets folder of your project.

You can find the images folder as follows:

  • Click on the Assets tab in Fantasy Grounds Unity

  • Click on the Images subcategory

  • Click on Folder

3. Copy .jpg and .xml file into images folder

Now copy & paste the two files into the images folder.

4. Refresh the images folder

Now click the refresh-icon next the "folder" button to refresh the folder. This will make a "Campaign" folder appear. Navigate to the folder by clicking on the icon.

Your map should now be visible in the folder.

5. Drag map from "Assets" to "Images"

Now open the Images tab, and drag the map from Assets to Images. This will import the map, along with all line-of-sight data and lights. Enjoy!

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