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Hero Forge Guidelines

This guide will explain how to import your Hero Forge digital miniatures into Dungeon Alchemist.

IMPORTANT: you can only import miniatures that were purchased as "3D Digital". Make sure you select the right option when purchasing a miniature!

Importing Hero Forge Token Instructions
1. Open Hero Forge account info

Go to Hero Forge, click on "Account" in the top right corner
(make sure you're logged in!).


Click on "Personal Info".

Importing Hero Forge Token Instructions
2. Copy your Access Key

Find the field called "Access Key" and copy this to your clipboard. Make sure you copy the entire string!

Importing Hero Forge Token Instructions
3.Activate in Dungeon Alchemist

Open Dungeon Alchemist and go to the Token Menu in the left sidebar.

Paste your Access Key in the text field and click Connect Account!


Your miniatures will begin loading. This may take a while, and they will appear once they are fully loaded. After that, your miniatures will be available for you to use in all your maps. Enjoy!

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