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AI-Powered Map Generation

AI-Powered Map Generation

Ever felt uninspired, technically challenged or just bored when creating your game maps?

We’re happy to introduce you to Dungeon Alchemist, an AI-powered map-making application that enables you to make high-quality content fast!

Dungeon Alchemist Imp
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Glad you asked!

Banner How does it work
Tavern Battlemap

…Select one of our themes…

Theme Selection Icons
Pick a theme

…aaand you’re off! Dungeon Alchemist's AI dynamically populates the rooms you draw. It adds doors, walls, lighting, furniture and objects on the fly, so you can concentrate on experimenting and having fun!

Drawing a Tavern in Dungeon Alchemist
Print Dialog

You start by determining a map size…

Add rooms until your map is exactly as you'd like it.

Adding a room to a map in Dungeon Alchemist

Once you have a room drawn, you can easily update its theme and function.

Swapping themes in Dungeon Alchemist
Object UI

Add, move, scale and remove objects until your map is exactly right. Dungeon Alchemist has a library of thousands of objects for you to choose from.

Doors, walls, windows,... everything can be changed incredibly easy!

Top View Crypt Battlemap

Dungeon Alchemist has a wide and robust set of terrain generation and editing tools, so anything from creating a forest to a remote island can be done in seconds.

Edit terrain in Dungeon Alchemist
Dungeon Alchemist Viewmodes

Once you're happy with the result, just hit Print and Dungeon Alchemist compiles a version that will fit neatly in your selected paper size, to make printing at home or remotely a snap.


Switch easily between orthographic, perspective and 3D view to get a really, REALLY good feel of your design. 

Dungeon Alchemist Print

Exporting to your favourite VTT from Dungeon Alchemist is just as easy, and all walls, lights and doors are imported right along.

Import a Dungeon Alchemist  battlemap to a VTT

Stay in Touch!

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Stay in touch!

Dungeon Alchemist runs an active Discord, with over 20.000 members discussing roleplaying games. We’d love for you to join us!

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Dungeon Alchemist™ is a project realised by Wim De Hert & Karel Crombecq.

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